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Oxford canvas car storage box car foldable box car trunk tool kit


  • $38.99


Magic storage is coming! It helps you tidy your beloved car. Do you have trouble storing sundries in your beloved car? Do you vex about tidying car's space? Long time exposure under the sun obviously shortens electirc product's lifespan; After usage, the glasses may roast plastic plate and even cause spontaneous combustion; lighter may explode if put incorrectly. You need this collection master with small size and big volume. It lets you smoothly go ahead and frees you from the vexation of messy sundries.

1.convenient design, easy storage
2.occupy little space in car when it is not used
3.for camping or excursion
4.economical and practical

material: niron
color: color
size: 500*400*260mm
weight: 700-750g