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New Planter Bag Big Mouth Plant Planter Bag Transverse


  • $14.99


Let horticulture enters your life. It fully use the space and let bedrrom, balcony and handrail full of vitality but doesn't occupy man's activity space, the easiest and is the most efficient creative afforestation transformation. No need to plant in a big garden, the small and light palnter bag gives you a colorful garden. This planter bag can be utilied repeatedly and has long lifespan. After a time of usage, the soil can be pulled out, then dry the bag and fold it to store it in dry situation so it can be used the next time.

wall hang
water permeable and ventilated
suitable to any water, uninfluenced by seasons
convenient and fast, can be used repeatedly
resist drought

kind: planter bag, planter cup and container bag
applied secene: faminly garden
material: non-woven fabric
length: rouhgly 70-80cm
width: 25cm