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Gym junkies listen up! You¡¯ve tone, strengthened, and bulked your legs, back, shoulders, and arms. Think you¡¯re done? Think again. You haven¡¯t finished your workout until you¡¯ve tackled your wrist and forearms!

This simple and cost effective training tool is great for strengthening your forearms, wrists, and fingers while improving your grip at the same time. When you¡¯ve spent time on the tone and size of your arm muscles, you want to make sure they are complimented well by developing your wrists and forearms.

These exercises can often be neglected, but not anymore! With this, you roll the weight up until it reaches the handle and then slowly roll it back down. Low weights can be used to tone, and high weights can be used to strengthen and achieve bigger, more defined forearms.

The result will be a better grip of wrestlers and mixed martial artists, rugby players will throw balls harder with more spin and power, and it will be a great exercise to reduce the chance of injury to the hands and wrists.

High quality training is hard to come by, but if you buy today you¡¯ll be receiving the very best in wrist and forearms exercise training. Click ¡®Buy Now¡¯ and see the amazing results for yourself


Increase forearm strength and size
The steel wire lets you lift more weight and hold weight longer
Strengthen forearms, wrists, and fingers, and improve your grip
Show great tone and size in your forearms to compliment your arm muscles
Tangle-free secure wire cable
Weight plate holds standard or Olympic plates
Durable stainless steel construction


Material: steel
Weight Capacity: 80kg
Handle Diameter: 3cm
Rope Dimensions (Dia. x L): 0.4 x 107cm
Product Dimensions (L x H): 38.5 x 140cm
Package Dimensions (L x W x H): 11 x 8 x 41.5cm
Gross weight: 750g

Package Contents:

1 x Wrist Exercise Weights Strength GYM Bar