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Dive Snorkeling Swimming Scuba Fins Split Fins


  • $35.79


A radical new approach to propulsion. With the slightest kick, the blade deflects to form a pair of wings that slice through the water with reduced drag, creating lift in the forward direction to propel you ahead. Compared to other fins, this Fin swims with less effort, stress and strain resulting in greater sustained speed, power and comfort. Independent testing has shown that this design can significantly reduce air consumption!


* Comfortable of full foot fins
* Flexible blade for minimal resistance and ideal stability.
* Provide more power with less fatigues.
* Pack with handle bag or net bag


* Material:silicagel
* Size: M (UK: 5~7, EU: 38~41, US: 6~8)
  Size: L (UK: 8-11 EU 42-47   US  9 -12)shoe size

Package Includes:

* 1 x Pair ofDiving/Swimming Split Fins